Jen Bayne. I'm a senior product designer at Trouva in London, with over eight years experience in eCommerce startups. You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Github.

About me

I'm a versatile and passionate Product Designer with over eight years experience in high growth eCommerce startups. I'm currently working as Senior Product Designer at Trouva in London, a VC-funded marketplace for independent boutiques.

Design for growth

I'm driven to design solutions that have impact for both the user and the business. My design process begings with a deep understanding of the problem I'm trying to solve, and is shaped by continuous learning, iteration and testing.

Full-stack design

I bring strong experience in design research to the product teams I work in, as well as preference for user-centered thinking. Working in small start-up teams has given me the opportunity to develop as a UI and UX designer who is capable of jumping into the code when necessary.

Current interests include conversion rate optimisation, design systems, internationalisation and accessibility.

jen bayne portrait